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We are dedicated to the creative realm through film and art. We have built a strong niche over the past ten years for storytelling through heritage, culture, and general life experiences. As well as using art as a diversionary tool we bring heritage to life through portraits, photography, and illustrations.

What We Offer

A unique photography service to add value to your productions or projects, to capture moments that make your viewers experience special.
Transform to Art
Bringing your images of your loved ones or memories to life through art. This can be deliverd via a mural, a portrait or a quirky illustration.
We specialise in collecting stories before they are lost in time. Our team is able to collect, illustrate and share the stories of your loved ones in a compelling way and create your own documentary.
Story scoping
We have a wealth of experience to create a strong narrative and guidance through our four-stage development process.
Production mentoring
A service in which we can design a customised mentoring plan around your project, guiding you through the detailed processes and, using our skills and expertise to make your production a success.
Begin your creative journey with us. Contact info@lgk.org.uk

Documentary Portfolio

Queens series

LGK is an award-winning production company specialising in documentary making. Our aim to keep stories alive and give them a lasting legacy through time. LGK is also dedicated to bringing stories to life through art using contemporary and non-traditional methods.

Queens of Amathus

Released in 2019 Queens of Amathus is a strong documentary following the journey of a series of migrant women from the island of Cyprus to the second city. The journey to the UK and the decision to leave those that they love behind. Covering the eras of World War II, The independence of the island in 1960 and the Turkish Invasion in 1974. A story of sorrow, humour and resilience.

Queens of Commonwealth

Launched in July 2022 in celebration of Birmingham hosting the 2022 commonwealth games this strong documentary re lives the journey of 22 queens and their decision to start a new life in Birmingham UK. Forming part of the cultural festival of the games these women are unsung heroes of the success of the migrant community and their contribution to the infrastructure and success of the city.

Queens of Cyprus

Released in February 2024 a documentary that investigates the power of the Pan-Cypriot spirit and the queens of Cyprus behind the success of a series of high-profile global Cypriots. The Queens with half a country, half a heart but with one vision to be whole again. A strong film exploring the power and resilience of Cypriot women, the importance of home and the roots of their inner strength

Caribbean Queens

In development – The comparison of black female success in the diaspora in comparison to the female success still within the Islands. This documentary follows four unique black businesswomen with international portfolios and shares their journey to the top. This film shows the struggles of both a racist and male dominate industries and the ability of these women to prevail.

Muslim woman wearing hijab looking on the ocean and yachts at La Rochelle, France.

Queens of Migration

In development – A docuseries of three episodes of the migration journey of various types of women to the UK this includes, The Queens without a home the women that have chosen the UK streets as their new homes. Are the streets of the UK a better choice what were they fleeing from. The Queens of ability is an episode that looks at the migration journey of disabled women are they facing discrimination twice are they stronger than we think. Lastly the queens of crisis that have fled war and hardship not by choice and with no ambition to ever be classed as a refugee.

Venus de Milo at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Queens of Aphrodite

In development. A strong documentary that explores the global footprint of the women from Cyprus. The impact they have had in their new homes, what they left behind for a better tomorrow, and how they have paved the way for generations to come. The Queens of Aphrodite and their powerful spirit in love, in war and through all the trails and tribulations life throws at them.

View of old buildings of the authentic Cyprus village

Queen of Kormakitis

In development. LGK productions has a unique opportunity to capture the story of a unsung hero of a remote village in occupied Cyprus known as Kormakitis. This queen refused to leave when the Turkish troops invaded the island despite the threats and hostility. Only 20yrs old at the time and newly married she prevailed. Having had five children and her husband dying at an young age she still stood strong. Today she runs the most popular restaurant in the north of Cyprus she is adored by her community the Maronite Cypriots and loved by both the Greeks and the Turks. Due to her humility, she is oblivious that due to her sacrifice and resilience she has protected the village in which there is no Turk allowed to buy or settle on this queens land the village of Kormakitis.

2023 Winner Best Documentary
Royal Television Society Awards – Midlands
2022 Winner Best Documentary
Jaisalmer International Film Festival
2022 Winners
Pure Magic International Film Festival
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Drama Series


In development - The King of Amathus of the second city, a war hero of the colonial resistance of EOKA, looked into the eyes of death three times. Sent to the UK by Archbishop Makarios III to learn the art of boxing to represent his country in the Olympics. Imprisoned for a second time in the UK for assault and later protecting his inherited new home from the wrath of the Kray brothers. A man with a broken heart and although loved by women and feared by men was naïve in nature and deceived by those closest to him.

Art & Creative Portfolio

The Artists

LGK is dedicated to bringing stories to life through art using contemporary and non-traditional methods. 

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In development- an international creative festival that celebrates the pan-Cypriot culture through film, art and fashion. The festival aims to work with global fashion brands to re-interpret Cyprus lace for a capsule collection, in addition we would look to exhibit the best of homemade fashion creating a bespoke exhibition. Our aim is to create an international film festival that celebrates global female migration with film entries from across the world. Zandafest also aims to launch a global art call of what Cyprus was, Is and could be. The aim is to use the Zandafest model to celebrate the diversity and culture across the globe.

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