Celebrate Heritage

We Collect, We Save, We Share, We Teach Heritage
LGK has heritage at the core of the organisation with a genuine aim to share the stories of cultures and generations before they are lost in time. Specialising in migration journeys and cultural struggles of acceptance. We celebrate the resilience of those of the past present and future.

What we promise

To be delicate with the heritage information that we collect, knowing that sensitivities exist with loved ones and certain subjects. We promise to be politically neutral and always show both sides of a story.

What's our mission

Is to create a model that has the universal ability to share heritage to all ages, genders and cultures.

What’s our vision

Is to become an international provider of heritage programmes. Offering cities across the globe the opportunity to celebrate the cultures of their city through the history of migration.

What We Offer

Collect Stories
We collect stories of the journeys from our elders that need to be shared before they are lost in time.
Camera operator
Teach Heritage
Teaching heritage through food, art and film, that offers a unique blended learning experience to people of all ages.
Teacher teaching children at class
Celebrate Cities
Our unique programme ‘Queens of the City’, celebrates the rich cultures and migration journeys of women through art and film.
Illuminated bridge over river in city
Create Heritage
Elevating heritage through artistic murals to show the journeys to our the city. Also using augmented reality, bringing our murals to life.
Begin your creative heritage journey with us. Contact info@lgk.org.uk

Heritage Portfolio

LGK starting its heritage journey in 2016 in which it began with a book that illustrated the food journey of migrant Greek Cypriots to Birmingham.

This later developed into a female only perspective award-winning documentary known as “Queens of Amathus” in 2019.

Thereafter, the creation of another award-winning documentary in conjunction to the 2022 commonwealth games known as the “Queens of the Commonwealth”, explored the migration journeys of 22 women from various countries in the British Empire to the host city.

This has now formulated into a universal model known as “The Queens of the City”, that has now sourced both a learning and creative heritage programme.

Queens of Amathus
Working with the heritage lottery fund we secured a grant to document these journeys for the 1st time in history. This then led to an independent piece of work on re living the voyage of Greek Cypriot women from Cyprus to Birmingham.
Queens of the Commonwealth
In association in the Heritage Lottery fund in 2022 LGK released a production that re-visited the unique journey of 22 women from various Commonwealth nations that due to life’s circumstances had migrated to Birmingham the second city.
Queens of the City
In development.