Lakis Greek Kitchen

We Cook, We Share, We Support, We Care

We have been operating a food bank in partnership at the Handsworth Association of Schools in which we feed upto 120 families in need each week. Our service is a school referral programme, or we can accept self-referrals in addition. We operate a 6–8-week policy in which we support families for this time period. Post this we look at how we can refer families to more holistic support looking at the issues of the entire family unit.

To enquire about our rervations or general information about our kitchen, please email:

Lakis Greek Kitchen is the heart of our charity and if you haven’t read my story, yet it is named after me ‘Lakis’. This is where we get the opportunity to meet, greet and feed our fans and supporters. Our traditional Greek Taverna flows with village style flavours from our signature kleftiko dish. We are pop up restaurant that operates every May and June each year with a capacity of 55 covers. Proceeds are donated to good causes each year selected through our board of trustees.

We also have our very own chicken and beef rib kleftiko to complement our clay oven selection.

The taverna nights are done in memory of the late Lakis Panayiotou who the charity and the Taverna are named after. Lakis’s recipes are the soul of the taverna and are the reason our dishes are so tasty and succulent.

Season 1

We managed to raise in access of £5000 in which we donated all to families suffering from Amyloidosis Liver Disease.

Season 2

The LGK team managed to raise £6000 in which £3000 was donated to a young man suffering from terminal cancer of the throat in support of his family once he has departed. Christos as he is known has now left us he had a 3 year old daughter and loving wife who are trying to rebuild their lives. £1000 was donated to the Nepal earthquake appeal, £1000 was donated to families suffering from Amyloidosis Liver Disease and £1000 was donated to the Alkionides Charity who support individuals and families that come to the UK due to ill health.

Season 3

The LGK team managed to raise nearly £4000 in which £1000 was donated to a young boy called Dorotheos suffering from a cocktail of conditions to buy specialist equipment. £1000 was donated to the Nepal earthquake appeal to assist in the rebuild of schools in Nepal. £1200 was donated to patients suffering from Amyloidosis Liver Disease and £500 was donated to Acorns Children’s Hospice Walsall.

Season 4

The Lakis Greek Kitchen team managed to raise over £6000 in which £1500 was donated to a young family with two extremely ill children one with a rare cancer and the other with a brain condition from birth. We also managed to donate £1000 to acorns children’s hospice in Walsall and £1500 towards a young man suffering from Amyloidosis of the liver. We have also managed to donate £1000 towards our school development programme in Nepal which is growing from year to year. Additional to this we also donated £1000 towards a family in which the mother had been diagnosed with Cancer and due to this fell into financial difficulty.

Season 5

Team LGK for the 5th year running has managed to raise a record amount of £8,000 in which assisted a series of 2018 selected causes. These included £2500 in support of 10yr old Isabella Lyttle’s fight with cancer, £2500 towards little Andy’s aged 6 wish to walk, £1500 towards our ongoing project in support of a school in the Pokkara region of Nepal, £500 towards Walsall Across children’s hospice and finally £1,000 towards LGK on costs.

Season 6

Team LGK managed to raise £10,300 towards our selected 2019 worthy causes which included £3500 towards an electric chair for a young girl called Becky that was in a serious accident, £600 towards a back brace for a young boy called Dimitri in Cyprus with a posture condition, £1200 towards a homeless shelter known as Coventry comfort career’s, £2000 towards refitting a kitchen at Acorns Children’s hospice in Selly Oak Birmingham and £3000 towards an art programme for terminally ill adults and the family and careers. We would like to wholeheartedly thank all that supported Lakis Greek Kitchen for season 6 and God willing for many seasons to come.

Season 7

In May 2020 Lakis Greek Kitchen despite all the odds and the lockdown measures, managed to run a food delivery programme in partnership with Street Kitchen Brothers for 8 Weeks. In this time period we managed to raise £6529 in which we donated £2000 towards a campaign to build a young girl who was severely disabled an outhouse in order for her to continue with her hydrotherapy. The rest of the funds we aligned to the ongoing food bank scheme supporting hundreds of families in need throughout the year.

Season 8

Lakis Greek Kitchen managed to open their doors in season 8 for 4 weeks, abiding by covid guidelines to keep our loyal customers safe. We managed within this time period to raise £4257 in which we donated to the Do It for Alex fund which was a young man who unfortunately suddenly passed away at the age of 38. £2000 was donated towards his 4 children’s future. We also donated £1000 to a young grandmother to support her in renovating her house post becoming the legal guardian of her two grandchildren. Her daughter had unfortunately passed away due to COVID. The rest of the funds were added to the ongoinst of the annual LGK programme.