Lakis Greek Kitchen

We Cook, We Share, We Support, We Care

Lakis Greek Kitchen (LGK) is our pop-up traditional Greek taverna in memory of the late Lakis Panayiotou (1947-2012). 

We open during two of the summer months every year on Saturdays from 5pm-11pm.

The money that we raise at the taverna is donated to various heart-warming causes. Since opening the taverna 11 years ago, we have become a registered charity, called “LGK in the Community” (in 2015) and we run a range of outreach projects and activities throughout the year, all based around food, heritage and at the heart of everything we do; helping people.

We are so grateful for your support!

To enquire about our rervations or general information about our kitchen, please email: reservations@lgk.org.uk

In the news..

Walsall man transforms back garden into pop up Greek taverna to raise money for charity.

Great Food

Our village-style Greek Cypriot taverna offers only freshly home-made, traditional food

The LGK signature dish is “lamb klefiko” – marinated lamb and potatoes which has been slow-cooked in the clay oven for 8-12 hours, the succulent lamb literally falls off the bone into your mouth!

For dessert we have a range of home-made traditional Greek delicatessens, including baklava, coconut cake and Greek chocolate rock cake, which is called “Doukissa” meaning “Duchess” – only fit for royalty as the name suggests!

We also make a range of vegan and gluten-free options, to suit all dietary requirements.

We also have our very own chicken and beef rib kleftiko to complement our clay oven selection.

The taverna nights are done in memory of the late Lakis Panayiotou who the charity and the Taverna are named after. Lakis’s recipes are the soul of the taverna and are the reason our dishes are so tasty and succulent.

A Track Record of Success in Fundraising via the LGK Taverna

With your help we aim to continue donating money to worthy causes.

Season 11 [2024]

This year, we have a special little boy who needs our help! Meet Finley, 3 yrs old, who is a beautiful and happy little boy!

He has a brain tumor and he has significant developmental problems (a developmental age of 9-12 months). He is often in and out of hospital and he struggles with all aspects of daily life especially with mobility and sensory issues.

The money raised will be used to purchase beneficial sensory equipment for his home.

Season 10 [2023]

£3,500 was donated to a wonderful family, in Walsall, who tragically lost their son, Adam aged 10yrs old, to terminal cancer. The money was used to help with Adam’s final weeks of living as well as funding his funeral fees.

£1,000 was used to continue LGK’s ongoing outreach programmes throughout the year.

Season 9 [2022]

£1000 was donated to the Giannis family, who tragically lost their father (55 years old) from Covid. He has left behind his wife and beautiful 5 children.

£2500 was donated to the family of Edmai, a 1 year old girl undergoing chemotherapy for childhood cancer.

Season 8 [2021]

£1,000 was donated to “Lyttle Helpers” (in memory of Isabella Lyttle), which do invaluable outreach work with under-privileged children.

£2,000 was donated to the “Do It for Alex Fund” – a family who tragically lost their father (38 years old). He left behind his beautiful wife and 4 small children.

£1,000 was donated to a grandmother to support her in remodelling her house to adapt to her new requirements; her daughter tragically passed away from Covid and she had to become the legal guardian of her two grandchildren, one aged 2 months and one aged 2 years. They both now live with her.

Season 7 [2020]

In the height of the COVID pandemic, we managed to continue selling kleftiko as home-deliveries.

£2,000 was donated to an 8- year-old girl in Cannock, suffering from life-long conditions. The money went towards building her an adapted summer house to suit her complex needs.

£1,500 was donated to our “Dishes of Change” food bank programme.

Season 6 [2019]

£3,500 was donated to a teenage girl from Walsall who was involved in a tragic accident resulting in a leg amputation. The money was used to purchase an electric wheelchair.

£600 was donated to a young boy in Cyprus, suffering from a spinal condition to fund a back brace.

£1,200 was donated to Coventry Comfort Carers, a homeless shelter/food bank.
£2000 was donated to Acorns Children’s Hospice, Walsall.

£2,000 was donated to Catherine House Hospice, Stafford.

Season 5 [2018]

£2,500 was donated to a 10-year-old girl, Isabella, fighting neuroblastoma cancer to create memories with her family during her palliative treatment.

£2,500 was donated to a 6-year-old boy, Andy, with severe cerebral palsy and the money was used towards his “wish to walk” appeal, which supported him to undergo a life-changing operation, rehabilitation and the purchase of specialist equipment.

£500 was donated to Acorns Children’s Hospital, Walsall.

Season 4 [2017]

£1,500 was donated to a young family with two extremely ill children; one with childhood cancer and the other with an abnormal brain condition from birth.

£1,500 was donated to a young man suffering from amyloidosis liver disease.

£1,000 was donated to Acorns Children’s Hospital, Walsall.

Season 3 [2016]

£1,000 was donated to a young 4-year-old boy, suffering from a range of life-long conditions.

£1,500 was donated to individuals and families suffering from amyloidosis liver disease.

£500 was donated to Acorns Children’s Hospital, Walsall.

Season 2 [2015]

£3,000 was donated to a young man suffering from terminal throat cancer to support his young family after he passed away.

£1,000 was donated to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

£1,000 was donated to the Alkionides Charity who support individuals and families who come to the UK for specialist medical treatment

Season 1 [2014]

£5,000 was donated to four individuals suffering from amyloidosis liver disease, awaiting liver transplants, to support their healthcare and vital family needs.