Lakis Greek Kitchen is a 6-8 week pop up traditional Greek taverna which happens once a year on Saturdays during a season. The money raised is donated to various heart-warming causes.

Lakis Greek Kitchen is the heart of our charity and if you haven’t read my story, yet it is named after me. This is where we get the opportunity to meet, greet and feed our fans and supporters. Our traditional Greek Taverna flows with village style flavours from our signature kleftiko dish. We are pop up restaurant that operates every May and June each year with a capacity of 55 covers. Proceeds are donated to good causes each year selected through our board of trustees.

We also have our very own chicken and beef rib kleftiko to complement our clay oven selection.

The taverna nights are done in memory of the late Lakis Panayiotou who the charity and the Taverna are named after. Lakis’s recipes are the soul of the taverna and are the reason our dishes are so tasty and succulent.

To enquire about our rervations or general information about our kitchen, please email: