Love Food

We support, We educate, We entertain, through the Love of Food

The heart of LGK is the Love of Food.

As this is the core reason of the charity’s existence, establishing the organisation through a taverna fund raiser and other various activities, it has created the foundations of what we offer and what we represent. We support those who need it and we operate a food education programme that promotes smart shopping, cooking and healthy eating.

What We Offer

Food Education

A range of courses for all ages on how to prepare healthy meals, cultural dishes and all the associated knowledge behind the heritage of each dish. Our courses are both online or in-person, accredited and non-accredited.

Cooking course - senior male chef in cook uniform teaches young people cooking class students to
Recipe Packs
Enjoy delicious, budget-friendly meals! Our recipe packs are designed for families, consider cultural preferences, and are a healthier alternative to processed foods and food banks.
This looks like a good recipe. A young woman cooking from a recipe book.
Lakis Greek Kitchen Events
Master healthy meals, explore cultural dishes, and learn the rich history behind them. Choose from online or in-person classes, with options for all ages.

Love Food Portfolio

Active Foodbank

Our foodbank has been operating in partnership at the Handsworth Association of Schools, in which we feed upto 120 families in need, each week. 

Our services are available by a school referral programme, or we can accept self-applicated referrals. We operate a 6–8 week policy in which we support families for this time period. After that, we look at how we can refer and signpost families to a more holistic support, looking at the issues as an entire family unit.

Foodbank Programme

As part of the Love for People campaign are working closely with LOVE JOES on a zero waste campaign. The 2024-2028 strategy aims to explore all possible avenues on food waste We have been operating a food bank in partnership at the Handsworth Association of Schools in which we feed upto 120 families in need each week

Thanks to our kind sponsors:

If you need to access our food bank services please complete a request through this link.

This is now the 10th year we have managed this campaign and we have now exceeded support to over 20,900 individuals that have benefited from this programme with 2980 individuals alone in last year’s campaign. This year we feel that we will be exceeding the response to over 3500 needy residents as the cost of living rises and other contributing factors have taken a toll on the West Midlands region resulting in a massive increase in the need for food bank support.

Social Supermarket

In development – LGK during 2022-2023 undertook an in-depth feasibility of how food banks were becoming part of the problem not the solution. The idea of an American initiative of a social supermarket was explored which offers a normalised shopping experience to those on low income and living in poverty. Using the beneficiaries as assets the idea is to create a market that is run by those that use it. The study showed that north Birmingham needs a three-tier approach which includes a HQ social supermarket, a sustainable food offer and a mobile market in schools which are trusted sites.

Winter Crisis Hot food Hub

In development – LGK in partnership with ‘Donate1Create’ have pulled together a winter programme to offer families in Erdington Birmingham a breakfast and dinner offer for no more than £5per day for a family unit. With early December pay day and with the strains of the festive period inclusive of holiday hunger there is strong evidence of need for this programme.

Close-up of volunteer packing donation boxes while working at food bank.