Production Team

Suzanne Virdee


Suzanne is a well known news presenter and has worked for BBC and ITV for many years. She is from a migrant background and has a passion for sharing stories of those that have sacrificed their own dreams for us to have a better chance in life. IN her own words “When Panikos and Ben approached me and told me about this documentary I knew immediately I wanted to be involved”. Suzanne and his family came here from India in the late 50s. She grew up hearing stories of how their lives changed overnight, how they adapted to life in Birmingham, learned to ‘fit in’ and build a life for themselves, so the subject spoke to her personally but also as a journalist. Telling the stories of those whose voices are largely unheard is something I’m passionate about. Getting the chance to do that and hear from these amazing women has been a real privilege. It proves what I have always believed, that ordinary people have the most extraordinary stories to tell and the women featured in the Queen of the Commonwealth documentary are no exception.