Holiday fun activities in our community throughout the year.

Our activity programs include fun cooking workshops (both online and in-person) with the one and only Chef Zena, Art Attack with our resident artist Michelle who creates toilet rolls into all sorts of fun characters.

We also had fun sports, and dance activities for all to enjoy!

Our seasonal programmes




LGK in the community is running an exciting fun-packed Easter half term programme that will include a sports camp with a variety of activities, delivered from our very own team of former international athletes. We will also be hosting a food school in which young people will learn how to cook dishes from around the world. 

The programme is free for children on free school meals and can be booked via the HAF Walsall Council portal.

*Information on how it went will be with you soon!

SUMMER programme

1st - 4th August 2022


We are going to have some fun creating some art with everyday stuff that you can easily find. To watch and follow my videos please sign in.

Join me to do some great cooking recipes, and also know more about some healthy 5-a-day fruit and vegetables.

Join Harry and Phil to get involved with some energetic games and fun!

LGK Holiday Fun Programme 2021 – 2022
What happened at Christmas 2021…