Queens of Aphrodite

A strong documentary that explores the global footprint of the women from Cyprus. The impact they have had in their new homes, what they left behind for a better tomorrow, and how they have paved the way for generations to come. The queens of Aphrodite and their powerful spirit in love, in war and through all the trails and tribulations life throws at them.

The Story

The film is based on the journey from Cyprus to the rest of the world for six migrant Cypriot queens. The global footprint of the women of the island has never been documented showing their impact, their struggles, and the ingredients to their success. An island that is split in two with the only divided capital in Europe, how do these diaspora queens unite regardless, how does their Cypriot spirit give them the strength to continue.

The aim is to film six Cypriot women, all with a Hollywood story to share from the six corners of the world. These include South Africa, Australia, UK, Canada, USA, and Europe. How have these women influenced the modern world and played a role in some of the iconic periods of current times, The Partite, World War II, The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Vietnam and many more. How have these women shaped history and still maintained the Cypriot routes, their role as mothers, wives, activists, leaders. How have these women paved the way for generations to come giving others the opportunities they have today. These stories must be told for the world to hear before they are lost in time.

Producer/Director’s Statement
Panikos Panayiotou

I have been on this journey before and seen the impact my films have had on not only the families of our queens, but on anyone that has watched, listened, and joined us on our voyage to share the stories of our elders, regardless of their background. Cyprus has the right to be on the international map as do the stories of the women of the island that have given everything for those after them to exist, thrive and live the life they live today. This film has the right to be shared on international platforms such as Netflix, prime and many more. The story of the Queens of Aphrodite will show the world where Cyprus is and the power of her global footprint.   


Our Target

Our Target is to reach £222,000 sterling as part of this campaign in order to facilitate this global documentary. This will allow our production team to create the quality needed to screen the production on mainstream platforms, share the assets across the world and give our queens the credit they deserve.  Help us bring this story to life…

TOTAL TARGET – £222,000
Raised so far £14,500 20%

The Team

Panikos PanayiotouProducer/Director
Panikos is an award winning film maker with a series of titles and recognitions inclusive of the Royal Television Society award for best documentary in 2023. His work has been screened on various platforms inclusive of ITV, RIK, CYTAVISION and many more.

Exec Producer: Ben Robinson
Ben is also an award-winning producer and film maker having worked and produced internationally recognised documentaries, docuseries and reality programmes both in Europe and the USA. Working with the likes of BBC, discovery, Channel 4 and many more Ben is a well-seasoned producer with a wealth of experience.

Extended Team:
LGK productions is part of a charitable entity known as LGK in the community. AS part of the extended team we have an array of strong professionals in various field that believe in our work, offer their time for free and understand the importance of documenting the stories of our queens before the are lost in time.

Other Ways You Can Help:
Even if you can’t donate, we’d greatly appreciate you spreading the word! Follow along on our Instagram.