German Market Food Distribution Project 2015 Run by Lakis Greek Kitchen in the Community and HoB CSPAN & Supported by Partners Birmingham City Council & Holford Drive Sports HUB

LGK in the community and HoB CSPAN are now in their second year re distributing the leftover food from the Frankfurt Christmas Markets based in Birmingham City Centre. As the markets have become a Christmas tradition in Birmingham over the past years, so has the distribution of the left over goods. This is an opportunity for the HOB CSPAN, Birmingham City Council and Holford Drive Community Sports HUB to begin the festivities by giving what would otherwise be wasted food to marginalised sections of the community that would have difficulty finding money for their Christmas Food shop.

food_bank_1The food distribution commenced Tuesday 22nd evening collecting produce from the Markets and finished in the evening on Wednesday 23rd, once all food parcels has been distributed and collected. Holford Drive Community Sports HUB located on Holford Drive, Perry Barr kindly allowed us the use of their building to store and distribute the food. HoB CSPAN secured 25 organisations ranging from St Basils to Trident Reach to Youth Groups to Churches and to many more Food Banks.

food_bank_2As well as the many volunteers that gave up their time to help so did one of our local Councillors.  Councillor Paulette Hamilton (pictured to the left) who is also the Cabinet Member for Mental Health participated on Wednesday 23rd sorting and delivering food parcels to local people in the community. We estimate that we have reached just under 2,000 people with diverse situations and also diverse ethnicities ranging from African Caribbean, White, Polish, Kurdish, Romanian, Somalian, Czech and many more.

food_bank_3This is now a part of a much larger project for LGK in the community and HoB CSPAN as we have also worked with local food retailers to secured and donate extra food. These organisations were East End, Chicken Joes, Tasty Chicken, Tasty Bake and Theo’s Kebabs. With these organisations adding to the food surplus we hope to guarantee that each organisation are able to take away food for people who really need it at this time of year. Also ‘FITCAP’ kindly provided the van free of charge for the 2 days we ran our project. Here are some quotes from recipients and staff at the organisations who collected their food parcels.

“The customers and children at Birmingham Domestic Abuse Service would like to thank the German markets and Birmingham City Council for donating the food to us. This was much appreciated by the families that have limited access to benefits or no access to benefits at all especially over the festive period.”

“Mrs Clause has arrived!”

“Elderly said they could spend more on heating, mothers said they could stop worrying about finding food for new year’s, younger kids jumped excitedly at stollen cakes & sweet treats given.”

From all here at LGK, HoB CSPAN, Birmingham City Council & Holford Drive Sports HUB we would like to thank you, to all food donators, volunteers and organisations who helped make this happen